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Our Services Include

  • AI Chatbot Services

    +$175 /hr for setup
    Leverage the power of AI in your very own custom chatbot!
    Valid for one month
    • Revolutionize HR with AI: Optimize Recruiting, Training, etc
    • Streamline your department operations
    • Boost your marketing with AI-materials that captivate
    • Maximize budgets with AI-driven insights and automation
    • Boost public works efficiency with AI
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Hourly AI Coaching/Consulting

    +$175 /hr
    Supercharge your productivity with AI!
    Valid for one month
    • Led by local government employee in Southeast Michigan
    • Administrators: Streamline operations with AI
    • Directors: Optimize department operations
    • Marketing Departments: create marketing copy that captivates
    • HR Department: Optimize recruitment, evaluation and training
    • Finance Department: Maximize budgets with AI-driven insights
    • Public Works: Leverage AI for maintenance and resource mgmt
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Software Consulting

    +$175 /hr
    Maximize ROI with a proven approach to digital transformation!
    • Maximize ROI with our proven process
    • Lead the development of your organizational digital strategy
    • Ensure your technology enables your digital strategy
    • Execution of your digital strategy
    • Define Core Processes
    • Document Core Process Flows
    • Draft Use Cases
    • Develop Technology Selection Criteria
    • Lead the Technology Solution Selection Process
    • Design and configure your solution
    • Quality assurance and user adoption
    • Implementation and post-production support
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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