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Digital Transformation: Your Guide to Success and ROI

Updated: Feb 21

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Digital transformation, driven by software platform expertise and robust IT planning, is revolutionizing our government and industries with new opportunities and challenges.  While digital transformation used to be out of reach for many organizations, it is now widely available.  Why should you consider adopting digital transformation?  It will save you time and money!

Regardless of your industry, digital transformation has a place in your business.  Our federal, state and local government systems rely increasingly on information systems to enable key services, particularly in process management.  Private industries stand to benefit from digital transformation in virtually every area of their business, especially in process management.  Achieving digital transformation through business process analysis and sound project management strategies is vital across government and the private sector.

There has been rapid growth in the volume of low-code form and workflow building platforms in recent years, paving the way for every organization to digitize key processes.  Most people don’t know about these platforms, let alone how to use them most effectively.  We have these great tools available for organizations to optimize their processes, but they lack the expertise to properly evaluate, select and implement them. 

Organizations should consider hiring a software solutions consultant who can lead them through the process of defining business requirements, user personas, use cases, drafting process flows and system planning.  This robust planning process will enable your organization to select the platform that best meets your unique needs. A great consulting firm such as GovTech Innovators will take the time to painstakingly learn your end-to-end business processes to fully define your business requirements.

Selecting the right consultant, offering sound project management expertise in software and solution planning, is crucial for the success of your digital transformation initiative.  When choosing a consultant to partner with you on your digital transformation journey, look for an industry expert with broad market knowledge and experience working with some of these platforms.  Nobody will have experience with all platforms, the important thing is to find a software solutions consultant who can learn and implement any platform quickly and efficiently. 

Be careful to hire a software process consultant who doesn’t have conflicting interests such as reseller relationships with the platforms you’re considering. You deserve a software consultant whose only priority is to help you find the best solution for your needs, whether that is the implementation of a no-code form builder platform, a pre-built templated system, or a fully customized enterprise level system. 

While the benefits of digital transformation are promising, the risk of failure is high with around 70% of digital transformation projects failing to meet their objectives.  Some sources report failure rates as high as 95%. 

Why do so many projects fall short? 

Are expectations aligned with product capabilities? 

Was the wrong product selected? 

What kind of support did the project team have? 

Was there sufficient implementation support? 

Did you have the right talent to enable a successful outcome? 

Many factors can play into failures to fully meet expectations.  Read our blog post 8 ways to Maximize Digital Transformation ROI for a detailed analysis.

While the failure rates are high, the return on investment is often substantial.  Even those projects that are partially successful often yield a significant return on investment.  Organizations who partner with an IT solutions consultant improve their chances of success from 30% to as high as 80%, achieving substantial return on investment.

Have you tried to implement a digital transformation initiative with limited success?  Don’t despair, you are not alone!  When approached with the support of the IT project management consultants at GovTech Innovators, digital transformation offers significant benefits.  Schedule your free consultation today!


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